E-Kit , AxelCut™ and QuickSplice™

E-Kit_129x302     AC Auckland Rescue 6

We would like to thank  Auckland Rescue in New Zealand for sharing their video!

The right tool for the job is a necessity, not an accessory.

Totally independent of the rescue hoist and aircraft system.


Part Numbers

Part Number : ZL-1100-1

NSN : 1560-01-543-3257

The E-Kit contains the AxelCut and QuickSplice mounted on a back plate, which allows for the equipment to be mounted on the aircraft for easy access when needed.

Part Number : ZL-1000-1

NSN : 5110-01-521-1998

AxelCut; Emergency Cable Cutter.

The AxelCut is the ONLY one-handed rescue hoist cable cutter available worldwide.

›› True one-handed cutting capability for airborne hoist cables.
›› Light weight, cuts clean, fast and easy and allows for repeated cutting
›› Reduces life cycle costs, less expensive than hoist squib and refire kits.
›› Permits hoist installed squib to be used as the backup cable cutter.
›› Solves the reliability problem with existing cutters, eliminating inadvertent
releases, and no-fire possibility.
›› Unaffected by EMI, lightning or any other possible hoist system failures.
›› Qualified to +160F(+71C), -40F(-40C), Salt Fog, and Endurance.

Part Number : ZL-6000-3

NSN : 4030-01-600-6137

QuickSplice with Slide Lock Hook.

Allows a fast and safe method of attaching a rescue hook when all else fails, allowing the mission to be completed!
The QuickSplice is intended to replace the rescue hook if the cable becomes entangled and must be cut, or if the cable breaks.
The QuickSplice has been tested to hold loads up to 2500 lbs. (1133.98 kg)

Training Videos


One handed quick and easy cutting capability.


Demo Courtesy of Auckland Rescue


Quick and easy.

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